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We offer you all the Sri Lankan books, search, explore and buy what you like.  The vision of this site is to “take Sri Lankan books to the world”
Sri Lanka has a rich history for culture, art, architecture and irrigation. In addition Sri Lanka is famous for Tea, Gems and a rich county with natural forests and the world famous beaches.
Sarvodaya Vishwaleka is one of the largest book publishers in Sri Lanka and they have thousands of titles published under various subjects. Graphic Systems International (Pvt) Limited is an IT and web development company supported many companies to develop their sites to go online. Our joint venture will create a new chapter in Sri Lanka to support all the publishers and the authors to sell their books published in Sri Lanka,GLOBALLY as well as LOCALLY.       
We welcome you to use our site and locate Sri Lanka books and buy online. You may order any book listed in the site. If you want a book that is not listed, send the details (author, title, ISBN or whatever you know about the book) to info@srilankanbooksonline.com and we will try to find you that book.

We are waiting for your valuable suggestions to improve our site in order to give you the best of service. Enjoy reading Sri Lanka books through the www.srilankanbooksonline.com the largest Sri Lanka Book Shop.

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A Critical Appraisal of the Contribution of Germany and France to Sanskrit Studies
By Ven.Gangodawila Chandima 
US$ 2.59
LKR 350.00
Samskrta Sahityasrita Lekhanamala
By Ven.Gangodawila Chandima 
US$ 2.59
LKR 350.00